Counseling for Day to Day Struggles

The Canadian physician, William Osler, once said, "It is much more important to know the patient who has the disease than the disease that has the patient."  We have adopted this philosophy as we work with individuals, couples and families.  People come to us for help with anxiety, depression, stress, difficulties with traumatic events, occupational problems and day to day struggles with life. Our desire is to offer hope, help and healing when life happens!

Domestic Violence Shelter

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Camden County

Family Violence Task Force

Our therapists assist victims of domestic and family violence break the cycle and get help.  We help people move from being victims and survivors to advocates who tell their story.  Through healing and advocacy, people pay it forward - making meaning out of their pain.

Domestic Violence

National statistics tell us that 1 in 4 women may have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. With  approximately 17,000 women over the age of 18 in Camden County, this means that about 4,000 adult women are at risk for or have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime.  This data does not include children - or even men - who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence.

we might just have a problem.  Unless we do something about it, we resort to what has always worked in the past - our addiction.  At Coastal Counseling Center, we believe that recovery - a transformation of mind, body and spirit - is possible.  As Honesty, Openness and Willingness (aka, the HOW) takes place, we realize that we no longer have to remain slaves to substances.  Hope emerges, momentum starts and the journey to healing begins.  We use a psycho-educational approach, in combination with a Twelve Step model, to enable people find hope, help and healing from substance abuse difficulties.

"You cannot heal a wound

by saying it's not there."

Jeremiah 6:14 (TLB)

The goal of our anger management program is resolution.  Our approach is psycho-educational in nature.  First, we teach theories and then strategies.  Our philosophy is once people know the theories (i.e., biological, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, transactional analysis and communication), then strategies are developed related to the solid theories taught.

We conduct an assessment first, then six group or individual sessions follow.  Clinical staff have written the anger management curriculum and clients are assigned reading, implementation of strategies and self-help assignments (aka, homework).  "Successful completion" is not achieved just by attendance; work is involved.

At Coastal Counseling Center, our desire is to help couples and families return to where they lost their connection and rekindle the love and commitment they once had.  We help people discover and practice the love language that the other understands and speaks.  We assist people in identifying and dismantling the walls that have been built for self-protection.  Nothing is more important than your family!

Counseling for Addictions

None of us plans to become addicted; it is the last thing on our mind when we took the first drink or the first drug.  Then we were hooked.  The paradox set-in:  we achieved a sense of control or relief, but we hated the fact that we had become a slave to a substance.

"Of course I can quit; no problem."  Most of us have said that at one time or another in our substance use.  It is usually when we face losing our freedom, family, finances and faith, that we come to admit that

Anger Management

Sometimes individuals, couples and families have difficulties with misunderstandings. Tempers flair, hurtful words are said and push becomes shove.  Well-mannered individuals then snap and it gets physical.  When law enforcement is called, someone probably goes to jail.  As a part of the pre-trial monitoring process, anger management is ordered.

Relationship Counseling

"I'm done!"  Does this sound familiar?  People are drawn together out of attraction and personality.  As the old saying goes, "Opposites attract . . . then they attack."  The very thing that brought them together, now serves as a wedge to keep them apart.  The language that initially attracted them to one another becomes ineffective and couples begin to drift.  The marital vow, "Till death do us part," is often replaced with "Until our relationship has lost its spark."

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